Hiking on Bukasa Island

The thing I have noticed with seemingly flat roads/paths is that they lie. They seem easy to walk because your steps are consistent, there is no ascending or descending but you’ll realize that walking from where you are to a tree you see from a distance will take forever.

First time horse riding!

n my many years on earth, this was my first time to see a horse with my naked eyes and oh boy I wasn’t ready. First off, they are way bigger than I expected, they are so fit and beautiful.

The mint and a mysterious neighbor

Since I planted the mint a few weeks back, every two-three days a week I would pick two to three leaves that I would add into my juice to give it a bit of flavor. Mint does that. The caretaker would often make jokes that I wasn’t giving it space grow and flourish because I was picking it’s leaves every day… hehe. Nonetheless it was growing steadily especially with the rains lately. The weather was being very kind.

Building business with friends

As I grew up, I have realized that friends and networks are the greatest resources and capital one needs to start a business. Money is important but networks are invaluable.

The narratives around marriage

Sadly, with such a narrative so strong and being constantly reinforced by people we trust and look up to, most girls will take mistreatment, disrespect, humiliation from their spouses’ others even boyfriends because they have been told relationships are like that. Such advice usually sounds like “Guma, obwo bufumbo” translating to be persistent, be resilient, that’s what marriage is like.

My first camping experience

In case you wonder about the fascination with hiking, its one of those activities though trying offers the most emotional rewards.  “It is not the mountains we conquer but ourselves” Edmund Hillary (google him). He was the first person to summit Mt. Everest.

The legend of Kamweru

It is told that out of anger and bitterness at the loss of his only child, the King cursed the lake and wished it away.  You know what! The lake listened and it moved. So, on a bright and sunny day, the village of Kamweru which was nearby was invaded by amass of water that buried people and their homes forming a lake. 

Midyear Reflections

I looked at the broom and its symbolic timing (midyear). I found myself drifting to the things I needed to sweep out of my life at this point of 2020 in order to have a go at this next half of the year bigger and better.